All iron award

The Mr Pentland Club “All IRON” Award


Athletic Club Bilbao takes immense pride in its philosophy and ethos. Every player, manager, and staff member who works in Lezama is responsible for keeping the flame alive and continue showing the world that Athletic can compete with a distinct set of values. Nonetheless, each season a player stands out from the rest as the most reliable, consistent, effective, fit, and indispensable for the squad. With these attributes in mind Mr Pentland Club has established the “ALL IRON” Award.


The “ALL IRON” Award recognises the effort and endurance shown by the player with the most number of minutes played over the course of the season. Therefore, the winner of the award is the person that accumulates the most minutes in all official competitions; considering La Liga, Copa del Rey, and UEFA tournaments (if any).


The top player receives from Mr Pentland Club the well-deserved award for their fantastic season!


Zorionak eta aupa mutilak!

"All IRON" Award winners

Reliabity, endurance, prowress, fitness…

Iker Muniain

Winner: Iker Muniain (3,359 minutes) Runner-up: Iñaki Williams (3,288 minutes)

Unai Simón

Winner: Unai Simón (3,960 minutes) Runner-up: Iñigo Martínez (3,010 minutes)

Iñigo Martínez

Winner: Iñigo Martínez (3,660 minutes) Runner-up: Iñaki Williams (3,528 minutes)

Yuri Berchiche

Winner: Yuri Berchiche (3,300 minutes) Runner-up: Iñaki Williams (3,172 minutes)

Iñaki Williams

Winner: Iñaki Williams (3,804 minutes) Runner-up: Raul Garcia (3,560 minutes)

Aymeric Laporte

Winner: Aymeric Laporte (3,765 minutes) Runner-up: Raul Garcia (3,728 minutes)

Aritz Aduriz

Winner: Aritz Aduriz (4,317 minutes) Runner-up: Oscar de Marcos (4,274 minutes)

Mikel Balenziaga

Winner: Mikel Balenziaga (4,271 minutes) Runner-up: Oscar de Marcos (4,231 minutes)

Markel Susaeta

Winner: Markel Susaeta (3,294 minutes) Runner-up: Aymeric Laporte (3,214 minutes)

Oscar de Marcos

Winner: Oscar de Marcos (3,951 minutes) Runner-up: Markel Susaeta (3,860 minutes)

Gorka Iraizoz

Winner: Gorka Iraizoz (5,490 minutes) Runner-up: Andoni Iraola (4,989 minutes)

Data Source: Athletic Club Website